August 28, 2015

Version 2 Project Workflow


The Breakdown

Matt's proposed workflow, focusing on maximizing collaboration on a Wordpress-based project.

  • Sketches are produced by the Design team, and are then turned into coded wireframes.
  • The wireframing is inspected for quality before being sent into the Engineering team.
  • The Engineering team integrates the received wireframes into the Wordpress app.
  • While the wireframes are integrated, the Design and Web teams go on to work on styling the wireframes.
  • Using Advanced Custom Fields with Custom Post Types on Wordpress we can create re-usable layouts and elements within a page
  • The newly created pages are then pushed up to the staging environment
  • The team responsible for creating content can fill in the data through the staging environment
  • During all of this, the styling will be completed, and tested for quality on different devices
  • Once styles have passed quality assurance, they are integrated with the completed content and pages
  • A final comprehensive quality assurance check is performed, upon completion the newly completed website is made live!!!

August 27, 2015

Version 1 August 27

Summary of technical setup for Downtown Streets Team's Wordpress site.

11am Engineering Scrum

The Engineering team hit the ground running with a detailed scrum in which the biggest tasks of the day were divided up amongst the team - using the handy Chwazi app for those indecisive moments.


  • Jordan will be setting up the local development environment.

  • Boris is in charge of backing up the current production site, and setting up a staging server.

  • Chris and Jayd are tasked with integrating the static content provided by the Design and Web team into the Wordpress app.

  • Zoran will be performing research on the best fit for an event plugin for volunteer management, and will be integrating it into the app.

  • Erik will write the launch script, which will be used near the end of Wired to set the site up for production.

Plan of Attack

  • The Design team will produce sketches and coded wireframes.

  • After the wireframes have been QA'd, they are then integrated into Wordpress via ACF (Advanced Custom Templates). The design and web team will then continue to work on the styling.

  • Once styling has been polished and QA'd, the Engineering team will then integrate the finished styles into the Wordpress application, and begin moving towards deploying the site.