August 26, 2016

Version 1 ZURB Wired 2016 LSA 24 Hour Project Goals


The Challenge

LSA is an organization that helps developmentally disabled adults pick up where the school and public systems leave off. Over the past 15 years, LSA has raised funds to purchase 11 houses and place it’s uniquely enabled residents in a safe place that enables them to live a normal life. This year, LSA is looking to add a 12th house to its portfolio, and needs just $600k more to make it happen.

In order to meet their goal of $600k, and to scaffold the success of their future, LSA needs a much broader number of people to be aware of them, of the programs and services they provide, and the life-changing results of enabling differently abled individuals to live and manage their own home.

Wired Goals

Hard Goals

  • Goal 1- Get the 12th house by raising $600k
  • Goal 2- Raise awareness. Create more people with the knowledge and understanding of the value of the service LSA provides

Soft Goals

  • Furnishing - A specifically pre-defined list. Allow donors to select from a list of needed furnishings.
  • Volunteers - Recruit new folks not just for program services, but for marketing.
  • Prospective residents - Generating a list of prospective future residents with the sub-goal of generating a list of prospective donors.

Project & Deliverables


  • Close the revenue gap for the 12th house and set the framework for future house donations
  • Differently abled adults have “The right to live in the community, and the right to have the opportunity to be independent.”


  • Full-Website
  • Join
  • Employment
  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • General donations ($)
  • Furnishings, goods, equipment
  • Towards the 12th house and future houses.
  • Awareness
  • A vehicle to spread awareness about the message. Could include blog, or re-usable “story” component.
  • Housing
  • In-depth about the logistics of this program, how it helps, and how you can help.
  • Programs
  • Specifics on the programs, schedule, and how to volunteer
  • Residents
  • Apply to become a resident

Newsletter email

  • Campaign to increase audience and donor interactions and touch-points.
  • Grow email list from 400 active emails, increase open rate (currently 30%), and click-thru (15-20%)
  • Drip campaigns to keep the subscribers engaged, and drawn towards the outcome of donation.
  • Print
  • Reach prospective donors and volunteers who aren't as digitally connected
  • Print Mailer Campaign
  • Mirroring the campaign and philosophy of the email newsletter campaign, but oriented towards an older audience.

Social Media

  • Ramp up a campaign of awareness for the 12th house
  • Create video components that are short and with re-usable format
  • Prep for upcoming events (Tuesday Nov 29th, the 12 days of LSA)
  • 12 days 12th home
  • 1,200 campaign
  • 12 monthly payments

Project Insights

Here is some background information that will help us accomplish our project goals. LSA was founded in 2002 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. It emerged from the efforts of parents and other concerned stakeholders who had a dream of establishing homes in the community for their adult children with special needs.

With a new California law that supported alternative care solutions and the imminent closure of state developmental centers, LSA began a journey to establish quality homes and nurturing services so adults with developmental disabilities – including those with enduring medical needs – could receive life-long services in the community.

View on the web


  • Current: Families of those affected
  • Potential: Corporations, and the wider area community

LSA Team

  • Hoops: Lead
  • Juan Sandoval: IT “Not Yet”
  • Amanda: Comms Specialist
  • Carline Schmidt: Director (fundraising) “Cici”

What LSA is bringing * All of our pictures and all the videos we could find on a USB hard drive. * Hard copies of past printed materials * Laptops * Camera

Website design criteria

  • Must be on an instance of Wordpress
  • Must be editable by team
  • Must be responsive
  • Must enable donations

Parts of our message

  • The right to live in the community
  • Promoting the knowledge, the need, and the understanding of the value
  • The right to be independent