August 25, 2016

Version 2 August 25


Moodboards - Round 2

On the second round of mood boards we incorporated the initial feedback that we received on the first iteration. After presenting these new iterations to our friends at LSA, we came to consensus to move forward! Looks like Bright and Vignetted won out!

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August 25, 2016

Version 1 August 25


Mood Boards: First Round

We created some dynamic mood boards to gauge LSA's feelings on what their first gut feelings were on the color schemes, iconography, textures, and typography. Doing this goes a long way towards making sure we are getting the tone and mood of the site inline with what LSA visions it to be.

Some of the specific themes around this first round are below:

Energetic & Textured

Designer's Intent:

  • changing energy
  • very energetic
  • using textures in a "fun" way to create warmth and friendliness
  • iconography: can be used in social campaigns or website
  • mixing LSA colors with warm colors
  • Outlining the color palette to outline feelings on the themes and ideas of why they would do it
  • Photos would have a textured look/feel

Celebration & Hi-res

Designer's Intent

  • Focused on celebration
  • cool and warm colors juxtaposed to each other to create a dynamic feel
  • hi-res large imagery
  • the happy nature of residents would be the focus
  • icons: compliments colors with roundness and playfulness

Bright & Vignetted

Designer's Intent:

  • treat the imagery and give it a bright, vignetted feel
  • gives a friendly and intimate feeling
  • has fun colors
  • Open and inviting
  • "Open and exposed style” photography
  • not too vibrant on the color schemes, to focus more on the imagery
  • Typography is more friendly and a bit kiddish
  • Softer icons