August 26, 2016

Version 1 August 26

LSA Site Relaunch

Through all of our efforts of creating new assets and consolidating the narrative of LSA, we've been able to create some outstanding campaigns, visuals, and web redesigns!

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Converting Donors and Reaching LSA's Target Audience

As a major goal for this project we wanted to increase engagement from your target audience while also converting more donors to the cause of building a 12th house. Some of the key changes or implementations we did to achieve this goal through web was:

  • Bringing a visual tracker on site towards achieving your donation goals. These incremental goals are now shared with your audience to make them feel moe included and excited to participate.
  • Create awareness to a larger volume of LSA's target audience within the community, helping them communicate their mission.
  • Increase the conversion of donations, including monetary, products and services, while doing the same for volunteer commitments.
  • Leveraging the site to showcase the work LSA has done to date, their homes, and how it has benefited both the residents and their families.