June 11, 2015

Version 1

Mapping out the user personas and the workflows they'll encounter on the site helps us design the right hooks in the right places.



  • 14 year old
  • Tech-savy
  • Enjoys making films with his friends as a hobby, but his friends are less interested in it


  • Wants to explore using professional grade equipment
  • Wants to learn from the experts
  • Wants to convince his mother to support his hobby


  • Find a course which suits his film making interest
  • Find enough information to convince his mother to send him off to DMA
  • Wants to have a finished movie to show off next year



  • Helicopter mom who really cares about her child success
  • Living in the Silicon Valley, her family income relies on both parent working in the high-tech industry


  • Wants to motivate her child to do more for the summer
  • Wants her child to learn something for college advancement
  • Wants to introduce her son to a various prestigious campus


  • Find the best option for her son (location, week, course)
  • Register the course for her son
  • Wants to know the course environment, instructors, amenities



  • Currently in-between careers
  • Recently interested in programming and development


  • Looking to expand his knowledge and expand his skill set
  • Wants to be introduced to more resources
  • Wants to expand his network on campus
  • Wants to learn from the experts


  • Find the best option (cost and week)
  • Register for the course


Finding a Course

This workflow shows how a user will find a course by initially selecting age and location on the homepage.


Learn About the Campus

Here's how a user will learn more about the campus before selecting a specific course.